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Camp Lonestar West - Journalism Workshop

Workshop Details

This is your journalism one-stop shop to get your staff ready for 2019. Your staff will enjoy sessions addressing copywriting, marketing, staff organization, photography, design trends, Yearbook AR, motivation and more! Plus, get hands-on design training with Photoshop, InDesign or Online Design. Start developing your theme and meet with a virtual artist to design your cover and endsheets.


 “We like camp because it gives us the detailed insight we need to turn our yearbook into a piece of art.” 

Adviser Patsy Slusher -  Hirschi High School 

 “Camp is such an incredible experience to bond with your leaders and prepare for the year. Without it, the beginning of the year would be a scramble. It’s also a great opportunity to see what other schools are doing. Who knows what other ideas you can get!” 

Adviser Alexandra McClung - Rider High School 

Helpful Links

Dates:            June 11-12, 2018



Location:      Rider High School,

                      Wichita Falls, Texas


Cost:              $135/ student before May 7.    

                             -$150 after May 7. 


                            Advisers are $120

                            (Adviser fee waived if 5 or more students attend) 


Register by:  May 7, 2018

Suggested Hotel

Hampton Inn Sikes Center

4217 Kemp Blvd

Wichita Falls, TX


Rooms are being held under 

Camp Lonestar - Walsworth Yearbooks

at $99 per night plus tax

 For more information, contact Katherine York.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop. 

Katherine York
Phone: 806.475.1755

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