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Elevate Your Publication

feat. Bruce Watterson

 Join us for a guided workday with acclaimed, industry professional Bruce Watterson.


This event will inspire and elevate your staff to take this year’s publication to the next level. 

Lunch will be provided & space is limited.

Premier Event Details






September 20, 2018


October 3, 2018



Trinity University




$200 per team

(Lunch Included)


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2018 Elevate Your Publication

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 About Bruce Watterson:

Nicknamed the “yearbook whisperer” by his colleagues in the industry, C. Bruce Watterson has been inspiring young journalists for years, particularly those editing yearbooks. A frequent presenter at state, regional and national conventions, Watterson has chaired the CSPA Crown Award competition, judged for NSPA and CSPA critical services, and continues to maintain a rigorous schedule of workshops, consulting with advisers and staffs across the country and abroad. From the first day of his career, Watterson has worked to help staffs kick-start their thinking about yearbook production. He believes innovation and creativity help staffs and advisers create a better, a fresher, a more desirable yearbook. His goal has always been for members of the student body to come away thinking that their yearbook is essential and that their expectations have been fulfilled by the yearbook staff. “Readers know when some kind of ‘magic’ is taking place as they open their yearbook. They want to be awed by creativity, uniqueness and the unexpected. It is not a coincidence that staff’s pushing to do more and to do it better sell books. They simply don’t settle for second-best.”

 For more information,

contact Paula Adamek or Davis Gamble.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop. 

Need help? Just ask...

Paula Adamek
Phone: 361.293.8486 
Davis Gamble 
Phone: 334.759.9133

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Bruce Watterson
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